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Spectacularly Rare Video Shows Saturn Photobombing The Moon

Wowww. By David Dickson, Universe Today.


The best lightweight setup for a traveling guitarist


It’s also perfect for writing, performing, and recording.

If you’re a musician, check out this guitar gear for the next time you’re touring—or just want to bring your guitar on vacation. By Billy Cadden.

How to build a thriving indoor garden


Master your #plantshelfie game

Want to turn your bedroom into a tropical rainforest? You won’t be able to grow a corpse plant bloom taller than the average human, but you can imitate the lushness of a… By Ellen Airhart.

Wind turbines do not cause cancer


But other forms of energy aren’t so clean.

At the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual spring dinner, President Donald Trump claimed that the noise wind turbines produce causes cancer. This isn’t… By Kaitlin Sullivan.