Watch: M&F’s Weekly Web Series ‘Reps’

M&F Reps is a weekly web series featuring Muscle & Fitness executive editor Zack Zeigler and celebrity trainer and owner of NYC’s Drive495 health club, Don Saladino.



Audience Q&A, Don’s bad mood, snide social media commentators, choosing the right diet, and fitness goals to kettlebell training for beginners.


Britany Dawn’s social media apology (she reportedly sold fitness and diet programs online that weren’t personalized or just never delivered the goods); phony social media influencers who pose as personal trainers and coaches; the "if it fits your macros" diet plan; and more!


What’s Don Saladino’s life as a celebrity trainer really like? Does information overload create chaos in the fitness industry? What are the best barbells for home gyms? Why your high-intensity group class might be BS, and more!


Is Don on juice, the worst question to ask a coach or trainer, what causes people to quit their training goals, Zack nearly makes Don throw up by testing celery juice, the Ronnie Coleman Netflix, and more!


Ambien hangovers, the dangers of steroid use, why people hate cardio (and how to fix it), and more!




Exercise selection, a debate about the benefits of group fitness, how to spot bad trainers, and who is at fault — the client, the coach, or both — when a noob hobbles out of an exercise class injured.


Fitness and motivation tips, and how to ditch bad habits.


How Sebastian Stan Trained to Become The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Films

The Dangers of Steroid Use

Why Going Super Heavy Isn’t Always Necessary

M&F executive editor Zack Zeigler asks celebrity trainer Don Saladino if he’s an "enhanced athlete" or natural.

Fitness Coach Versus Social Media Phony Coach

How Fitness Rookies Can Dominate Their Goals

How to stay motivated and achieve success, and how to make lasting, healthy changes.

Trap Bar? EZ Curl Bar? What’s the Best Home Gym Barbell For a Home Gym?

M&F exec. editor Zack Zeigler has just enough room to add a bar to his home gym, but a standard Olympic barbell is too big. His buddy and celebrity trainer Don Saladino helped him settle on the best barbell for his home gym.

Kettlebell Swings: Hardstyle KB Swing vs GS KB Swing

Yeah, we know the guy in the photo looks like he’s going to the bathroom while he’s kettlebell swinging, but stick with us. The explanation is better than the photo .. we hope.


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